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Condoms are so important


They protect you, and they protect others.

Be awesome. Use a condom.


…traveling to different cities, deciding anywhere is home. as long as you were by my side I never felt alone. Cigarettes to the wind, 40’s in our hands. this love is real and no one could understand the feeling we were born to feel. you know I’ll follow you anywhere.

Come on just take my hand, baby let’s go, we’ll run away with nothing but our love to show. we’ll dance in the street with mund on our knees and show the world we’re everything they wish to be but nothing that they want to see.

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Anonymous asked: Sassy you are so beautiful.


Thank you :)

Anonymous asked: You remind me of a friend I haven't seen in a while, and I miss a lot, It makes me smile. Your gorgeous. Thank you.


Thank you!!

Rancid - Fall Back Down

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